Consultation and Outreach


As you interact with students, situations or conversations may come about which cause you concern. Often, you will be the first person to realize students need assistance. We encourage you to utilize your relationships with students to help them find the answers or help they need.

  1. Contact students directly if you have concerns.
    • Speak to students privately and in person whenever possible.
    • You can also contact students by e-mail and phone and schedule a time to meet with them to express your concerns.
    • Ask other faculty members and/or the students' academic advisor if the students are attending their classes and make contact with the students through your colleagues.
  2. Listen to students about their experiences at Iowa State University.
    • Ask students to share their perspectives; listen and assess how you can best be of assistance.
    • Depending on their situation, refer students to the appropriate resources on campus, such as their academic advisor, Student Counseling Services, or the Department of Residence.
    • Student Assistance can help! If you are ever unsure of the best way to help students, the Student Assistance staff can accept referrals or consult in person, by phone call or e-mail about how you best serve each unique student to address situations or concerns. You can also refer students by submitting our on-line referral form.

When a student's needs are more than you feel prepared to assist, a referral to Student Assistance is a great way to help. Together, we can work collaboratively to identify appropriate referral services and make a plan to assist the student.

If you have helped a student resolve an issue, but you suspect more assistance is required, trust your instincts and share your concerns with the Student Assistance staff. If the student contacts us directly, or other faculty and staff make a similar referral for assistance, it will be good for us to know the student’s history. You can contact the Student Assistance staff by calling 515-294-1020, e-mailing, or submitting an on-line referral form.

There are also times when we may reach out to faculty and staff to gather additional information. When we contact others, our goal is to collaborate to determine the best course of action for each student or situation. We appreciate receiving details you might have that will help us reach our goal of effectively serving students and the ISU community.


The Dean of Students Office (DSO) team is available to present information to classes and other groups about our programs and services. You can help us proactively address concerns by giving us the opportunity to speak with your students. Often students are not aware of the resources on campus, most specifically the services the Dean of Students office can provide. The Dean of Students can also present information to classes or other interest groups on a range of topics that impact student success at Iowa State. These include, but are not limited to, academic success, diversity, leadership styles, personality types, time management, study skills, or student conduct policies and procedures.

We are also available to present information to faculty and staff groups. This information helps newer employees as well as those who are established at Iowa State to learn more about how the Dean of Students Office works with students and how we partner with faculty and staff.

We are able to customize our outreach efforts to meet the various needs of our university partners. Feel free to contact the Dean of Students Office at 515-294-1020 to discuss presentation options for your class, group, or meeting.