Communication Tips for Students

In situations where a student has time to communicate to their faculty or when a student has returned from being away, it is their responsibility to reach out to their faculty to discuss the nature of their absences.  Students should always review their faculty's syllabus for specifics for each course and the general attendance guidelines as described in the catalog.

General Tips include:

  • Review Syllabi. Students should review their syllabi to see how each faculty prefer to be contacted (in person, email, phone, etc) and to review which course work they will miss/have missed.
  • Utilize Faculty Office Hours. Students should consider visiting office hours, as they are able to discuss their situation in person with the faculty.
  • Visit with Faculty. Students could try to connect with faculty before/after their next class to begin the discussion, but understand faculty many not be able to fully resolve the situation at that time.
  • Documentation. If documentation is available for their absences, students should be prepared to bring that to show faculty.  If there is not any available, students should indicate that to their faculty.
  • Department Chairs. If students are not receiving responses or need additional assistance, they could include the department chair after their initial communications with the faculty.  Department chair contact information is found here.
  • Academic Grievance Process. If a student is not satisfied with the resolution with the faculty, the appropriate mechanism to address their concerns would be the academic grievance process.
  • Student Assistance. If students still need assistance with any of the above or support as they return to classes, they can contact Student Assistance to discuss their options.