Faculty and Staff Guide

Student Assistance has a variety of resources to help Faculty and Staff provide assistance to students as well as refer to appropriate resources.  Below are links to a resource folder Student Assistance created to assist faculty and staff.  A list of additional resources are below for you to review or print for your own use.  We are available to discuss this resource with your department or area and provide hard copies of the resource as well.  If you would like to schedule a time for one of our staff members to present to your group, please email studentassistance@iastate.edu or call the office at 515/294-1020.

Image of resources for faculty and staff to consider to refer a student.  If there is an emergency, call 911.  Other consultation can be directed to iowa state university dean of students office at 515-294-1020.

Additional Resource Files:

Resource Folder: Outside Information     Emergency Notification Information

Resource Folder: Inside Information        FERPA Guide For Faculty and Staff

Student Disability Resources Guide          Listening Skills Handout                                                      

Levels of Distress Handout