Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am having roommate issues?

Your first step should be having a conversation with your roommate about expectations of the living arrangement.

  • If you live on campus, use the roommate agreement form provided by your CA to help start the conversation. If this does not seem to resolve the issue, seeking out assistance would be appropriate. If you are living in the Department of Residence, your Community Advisor or Hall Director are resources who can help resolve the issue or provide other housing options.
  • If you are an off campus student, Student Assistance staff in the Dean of Students office would be happy to hear your concerns and offer advice or resources to help resolve the roommate issue.

What should I do if I'm concerned for another student?

Student Assistance staff are always available to consult to discuss what may be the best response for helping a student.  Student Assistance staff can be reached at 515-294-1020 or via email.  You can also choose to fill out a referral form if you wish to pass information along and do not have a need to discuss directly with our staff.  If your concerns are about a students immediate health/safety, please call ISU Police at 515-294-4428. 

What should I do if I don't understand the academic processes at Iowa State?

We recognize that there are times when trying to figure out the various academic processes in the ISU Catalogue can be confusing. The Academic Issues and Concerns pages on the Student Assistance website summarize the most common issues, such as filing an academic grievance, dropping or withdrawing a class due to extenuating circumstances. The Student Assistance staff would also be happy to sit down with you to help you navigate any of these or other academic processes you may not understand completely.

I've been told to contact the Dean of my college. What does that mean?

Dr. Vernon Hurte is Iowa State's Dean of Students. He is not, however, the Dean of a specific academic college. Typically, when students are referred to "the Dean" by a faculty member or academic process, this typically is the Dean responsible for administrative leadership within each of the University's eight academic colleges . A complete roster of the academic leadership for all ISU Colleges is provided by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.

What should I do if I think I've been treated unfairly by an instructor or have other academic concerns?

If you feel you've been treated unfairly or have other academic concerns, The University provides an academic grievance process to resolve your concerns. Student Assistance staff can meet with you to explain how these work and assist if you choose one of these options. While the Student Assistance staff is happy to help you navigate these processes, the final authority for resolving academic concerns remains with the faculty. Therefore, students will be referred back to their instructors or the appropriate department chair or academic dean to identify a resolution.

What should I do if I am sick and cannot attend class?

It is a student's responsibility to notify their instructors if they unable to attend class. Individual faculty typically have their contact preferences listed in the course syllabus for students to utilize when they are unable to attend class If students are unable to initiate this contact due to a crisis or more severe illness, the Dean of Students Office can facilitate an Emergency Notification.

How do I know if ISU is cancelling class?

In the event of inclement weather, information about class cancellation will be communicated on the Iowa State University Homepage. For additional information, consult the Winter Weather Frequently Asked Questions.