For ISU Parents And Family Members

To Our Cyclone Family

The Dean of Students Office and Student Assistance Services strives to ensure a positive relationship with students' family members.

In Student Assistance, we understand that families today are more involved in the lives of students. We want to provide support and resources that respect students' rights while assisting you as a family member of an ISU student. Although we are limited by the type of information we can provide to you without your student's consent, we are always willing to listen to your concerns and develop an action plan so student can successfully navigate the adventures at Iowa State.

Stay Informed and Involved

The Parent and Family Programs is your best source of information about life as an ISU family member.  Also, subscribe to Relatively Speaking, the ISUPA newsletter for families of ISU students.

Students access much of their university information through the online system called AccessPlus. Speak to your student about AccessPlus Third Party Access. Through Third Party Access, some of this information can be available to you as a parent/guardian. Only your student can grant this access.

The People Who Can Help Your Student

In your student's life, there are a many people they should get to know who will help them navigate the University. Every student has an academic advisor (undergraduate) or major professor (graduate) who can help with class scheduling, major/curriculum changes, and other academic concerns. Many students find it helpful to develop relationships with an organization adviser through their involvement in student organizations. In addition, your student will be working with talented faculty who can serve as mentors both in and out of the classroom.

For our students living in the Department of Residence or Greek Community, there are additional resources who are familiar with the University and serve as primary contacts for your student. In the Department of Residence, it may be a Community Adviser (student staff member) or Hall Director or Apartment Community Manager (professional staff member). In the Greek Community, it may be their Chapter President (student) or Chapter Advisor.

Although there are many resources for students in specific areas of their lives at ISU, sometimes they don't know where to start. In that case, the Dean of Students Office and Student Assistance Services can help. Our staff can work with students and help identify what resources exist on campus for them and coach them on how to advocate for themselves.

When Your Student Needs Help

As you know, it is important for young adults to make their own decisions in order to develop as members of society. With this in mind, the most important thing you can do as a supportive family is listen and offer resources. You can use your relationship to help your student identify the most appropriate resolution to pursue.

In Student Assistance and Outreach, we appreciate communication from family members that alert us to how we can help students. As a parent, you are integral in the process of getting students to seek help and we encourage you to recommend your student meet with our staff to learn more. Together, we will ensure students know the resources available and understand their roles and responsibilities.

When You Need to Talk to Us

The ISU Parents' Association and Dean of Students Office sponsor the Parents' Advisory Line (PAL), a telephone service for ISU families. Please call us toll-free at 1-800-772-8546 when you need assistance helping your student. You can also send an email to The Student Assistance staff are available to coach you through talking to your student, share what resources are available on campus for the specific situation, and provide insight into University policies and procedures.