General information about Final Examinations and the Final Exams Schedule are published by the Office of the Registrar.

If unusual circumstances necessitate changing the time of a student's final examination, the student must obtain the approval of the instructor of the course.

The student wishing to change the day of the exam must make his/her request to the instructor no later than the last scheduled class day before the beginning of the dead week. Instructors desiring to enforce the above policy must inform the students about the policy in writing.

Students should not expect to withdraw during or after the final examination week. In situations beyond a student's control, when exams cannot be taken/completed, arrangements should be made for incompletes, rather than withdrawing at this time.
Students who are on academic probation (P) and withdraw after the last day to drop a course will not be permitted to enroll the following term, except under extenuating circumstances.

Students or instructors having an unresolved conflict may contact the Office of the Registrar at 515-294-1566 for assistance or referral.

Important Registration Information (specific details on cancellation, drop limits, registration holds, etc) can be found in the Iowa State University Catalog.

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