Jury Duty Information

Students, like all citizens, may be called for jury duty in the county where they have registered to vote, or in federal court. Because jury duty is a civic responsibility, Iowa State University will not request students be excused from jury duty responsibilities. When students receive a jury summons, there are two primary responses: students can report for jury duty as indicated and make the appropriate arrangements with their instructors regarding missed course work; or they can request a jury duty deferment or excused absence (if they qualify for these options) through the court jury coordinator.

If students will be reporting for jury duty, they should immediately provide a copy of the summons to their instructors and initiate plans to complete any missed course work or assignments. Most instructors are flexible and will work with a student who has a verified jury summons to identify alternatives so that the student can complete this civic duty. If a student encounters resistance from an individual faculty member, they should redirect their request to the appropriate department chair, as indicated in the Appeal of Academic Grievances section of the ISU Catalog. Students can also meet with the Student Assistance staff in the Dean of Students office to consult about how to navigate their academic and civic responsibilities.

Students who are called to serve jury duty away from campus (because, for example, they maintain their voter registration at home), or who believe that jury service would cause personal hardship or jeopardize their academic success may request a deferment. Information on this process can be found at State of Iowa Jury Frequently Asked Questions or the Story County Jury Information Page. Information on how to contact the jury coordinator for each county and district court is available from the Iowa Judicial Branch web site. Complete information on jury service, deferments and acceptable excused absences can be located in Chapter 607A of the Iowa Code.

The Student Assistance staff is available to meet from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment, stop in to the Dean of Students Office (1010 Student Services Building), email studentassistance@iastate.edu or call the office at 515-294-1020.