Academic Information

The mission of Iowa State University is to create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place. To accomplish this mission, the university community strives for the free and open exchanges of ideas. For student learning to be most effective, the campus must maintain a civil environment, free from intimidation, disruption, violence, and harassment.

A fundamental principle underlying Iowa State University’s educational mission is academic freedom: the faculty has responsibility to determine the curriculum, methods of delivery, and means for assessing student performance. The faculty fulfills this responsibility through individual and committee efforts at the department, college, and university levels. Faculty members determine the exact nature of the course content and assignments, and have full responsibility to assess and evaluate student performance (Faculty Handbook, Section 10.5.1).

Concerns about academic matters are most appropriately resolved with the instructor or the Department Chair. Students who feel they have been treated unfairly may file an Appeal of Academic Grievances. (For additional information consult the Iowa State University Catalog.) Prior to initiating a formal appeal, students can meet with a Student Assistance staff member to discuss the most effective way to respond.

There are a number of campus resources and services to assist students that might be struggling with an academic issue. Please refer to the navigation menu for information on some of the academic topics students frequently seek assistance to resolve.

This information, as well as other Important Registration Topics (information on cancellation, drop limits, registration holds, etc) can be found in the Iowa State University Catalog.