Student Assistance Tool Kit

The Office of Student Assistance utilizes many outlets to support students personally and academically. When meeting with students, the staff in Student Assistance will utilize resources most applicable to the situation and provide students with a copy of this resource. Below you will find some of the commonly used tools to encourage academic and personal success:

Academic Withdrawal: Students petitioning for an Out of Term (Period 3) Withdrawal will complete their petition along with a form signed by the student's adviser. Once all of the information is compiled, the student can turn in the completed form to their college's Student Services Office.

How to Write an Academic Withdrawal Petition (PDF): This guide will help students craft their personal narrative when petitioning for an Out of Term (Period 3) Withdrawal. It defines the common types of petitions as well as general requirements for academic petitions.

Commitment to Care Plan (PDF): The purpose of the Student Assistance Commitment to Care Plan is to partner with students who experience distress so they can be as successful as possible at Iowa State. This form allows students to identify barriers they experience as well as healthy coping strategies for these barriers.

Mental Health Resource Guide (PDF): The Mental Health Resource Guide is a tool that provides support for students that have been hospitalized for mental health. This guide walks students through the process of communicating with instructors as well as setting up support systems for continuous care.

Sexual Misconduct Information and Resources: Iowa State is committed to fostering an environment in which all members of our campus community are safe and free from sexual misconduct of any form. This guide provides the university policy, definitions, and options available to students going through the Title IX process. 

Sample of Release of Information (PDF): This is a form that enables our staff to share relevant information and concerns with families or care providers. This is signed by the student and helps to provide a holistic approach to care for our students.


The Student Assistance Staff understands that navigating all of the resources available on a college campus can be overwhelming. Staff are available from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, to talk about you or your students' individual needs while providing recommendations and referrals to campus and community partners. To contact the Student Assistance staff, email or call 515-294-1020. The Dean of Students Office is located in 1010 Student Services Building.